Like the moon we go through many seasons of life.

//Like the moon we go through many seasons of life.

Like the moon we go through many seasons of life.

Life is a cycle.

Failures and heartaches are just one of those seasons in life that we must go through. Like the moon seasons come and go and reaping harvest throughout these seasons is just the natural order of life.  Times of great harvest usually involves great sacrifice for being favored doesn’t come easy.

Why is life is broken down into days in a year? And minutes into hours and hours into cash dollar amount? Time is irreplaceable yes! Why are we so quick to charge for money in exchange for time and never learn from the time you have exchanged?

Everything for you to move forward exist in forms of trading time for life lessons and heartache.

Being favored comes in exchange of trading time. How much time can we trade for life lessons, disappointments, and experience? and what can we use these lessons, disappointments and experience for?

How many times is the sun going to rise and set on that particular disappointment?  You have the power to let it go! In life we can choose to hold things captive in our lives, such as disappointments, failure and heartache. It’s as easy as freeing the beast and in turn, you set yourself free.

Let disappointments go as if you are releasing it to the universe.

It is a trap to hold these things captive in our minds, hearts and souls! By doing you stay trapped here in time… See time doesn’t freeze, it can go on forever and doesn’t have a life cycle, time doesn’t expire, atleast not in the laws of time and relativity. As humans we have it wrong, we expire, we do not have unlimited time here.

You can choose to set yourself free by setting these things in our hearts and souls free to the universe and let the universe consume what is good and what is bad. That is the natural balance of the universe.

Disappointments are one of those things that defiantly have a life cycle.  Which is a good thing and a bad thing. Usually failures are short lived… if you let them die off. Everything that has life will experience death.. Life’s heartaches are just part of the life cycle and thankfully not the end of the cycle.

Many failures are just the beginning of life’s journey of you reaching your destiny.

As humans, I think it is in our nature to want to control everything so we carry it in our hearts and minds. We forget often that we are not God, we cannot do the work of the universe and that we have no control of our future.  But to let go of things that we cannot control and leave it in the hands of our creator and let the universe sort itself out. Carrying unnecessary things with you only weighs you down and prevents you from moving forward.

Life is truly an amazing gift from God.

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