Let the universe consume what is bad!

//Let the universe consume what is bad!

Let the universe consume what is bad!

 A lesson in forgiveness

Choose to set yourself free by letting go of negative feelings in your heart and soul to the universe.


We forget often that we are not God, we cannot do the work of the universe.By doing this were are letting the universe do its job and one of it’s job is to consume what is what is bad. It is not our duty to do this.


Let go of things that we cannot control and leave it in the hands of our creator and let the universe sort itself out. Carrying unnecessary things with you only weighs you down and prevents you from moving forward.


Do not confuse doing god’s work with taking on the work of the universe. It’s not fulfilling!


There are repercussions of doing a job that you were not called to do and usually those repercussions come to you in the form of anxiety and depression. Leave your heartache, your fear, and all negative feelings to the Universe.


Remember, nothing hides from the light of truth.


You still have your calling that needs to be tended to and the world is still waiting for the gift you can bestow upon humanity.


Truly Manifest your destiny by leaving what doesn’t serve you behind!

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