Happily nEver After?

//Happily nEver After?

Happily nEver After?

I think we have always had it wrong.. As girls we are taught that everything revolves around getting married, having kids and living happily ever after as a princess. That happily ever after involves  a castle, beautiful glass slippers,  a pumpkin carriage and of course … Prince Charming.


Think about it. How many times have you worn a pillowcase over your head as a veil, I think society glorifies marriage with the idea of happily ever after, HERE COMES THE BRIDE, and the wedding is the shiny keys that are jingled in front of our very eyes….


Society and Disney are partly to blame… I think the real question here is “What kind of marketing ploy is Riding off into the sunset on a horse on your wedding night?” Like oh.. How romantic and then we as girls are led to believe that you live happily ever after and this horse is your vessel to happiness.


Here on planet earth where shit gets real.


Driving to my next appointment on a spare tire and every maintenance light in my car. It’s like reality somehow hit planet earth at midnight and the white carriage is now a pumpkin and just like that I’m missing a glass slipper.


It isn’t until 12 years down the road you find yourself crawling through divorce, overweight, stressed out, suffering with anxiety because your heartbroken with your life because this was not what I dreamed of for my life and you think.. This is not how happily ever after is supposed to be.


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