Forgive Your Failures

//Forgive Your Failures

Forgive Your Failures

Forgive your failures…

This is what is holding back most people. It’s an auto defense mechanism we are conditioned to do over time. It’s the brains warning system that says… “Remember how much failure hurt the last time?”  It’s human nature to think like this, but fortunately we were blessed with the ability to evolve and failure is only an ugly word for evolution in motion.

Constantly evolve yourself from failure and continue to learn from the past.. if done correctly you will move forward in your conquest to molding  your future.  Failure is being locked in a time and space where failure had brought you to that one final moment and the heartache that it caused and endless attempts of fighting it into it’s dark night only to realize… you failed…You stay trapped here frozen in time.

Failure is only a state of mind and time and true failure is if you choose to stay in that moment of time. See time doesn’t freeze. It is time that cannot be stopped.. So the hours continue to click and time passes. Meanwhile you are still holding onto the pain and disappointment of failure.

Failure doesn’t have to be about intentional or non-intentional. Life and time are our most important teachers. And Failure is a course we all have to take, sometimes you fail the course and re-take it 3 or 4 times over… or however many times it takes us to get over it and learn from the mistakes.

By packing around your failure daily you are taking many moons and seasons of life and time. Each season is to bring purpose and now you are behind the next life purpose to proceed ahead to your destiny.

Life’s heartaches are often life’s lessons. How are you going to take your failure? A Learn from them and  focus on your upcoming life journey.

Being fearful of failure is a heavy burden that only clouds your thoughts and consumes the time you could be using to build your dream and work for your destiny. In return stealing more of your time!

By giving into our fears and heartaches we are setting ourselves up for the same re-occurring events that continue to control our daily lives. We attract what we put out. If your carrying around dirty laundry and failure with you. What are you manifesting? Imagine what you are emotionally excavating into your reality?

When you are emotionally excavating with dirty laundry don’t be afraid to find that the a castle of dreams that you thought you were excavating turns out to be an ancient bathroom or a cemetery of dead and dried bones.

Forgive yourself for being human and love yourself through failure. Let go of the past and look to the future and focus on your dreams. Fall in love with yourself daily and make love to the moment. Time is not forgiven or returnable!


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