An Open Letter of Forgiveness

//An Open Letter of Forgiveness

An Open Letter of Forgiveness

Dear You Know Who You ARE,


In many ways I felt you stole my dream, I felt like you made out like a bandit in the night with my future in your hands.


When it originally happened I hadn’t really grasped what you had done. How you had done it. Why you did it. It took me months of depression and picking up the pieces of a shattered dream and putting things into perspective and I started to realize how you did it, why you did it.


I think I was most disappointed with God, because I felt punished for doing the right thing and I was frustrated that in the end that you received the my dream promotion that I was working for. I felt God rewarded you for your doing the wrong thing.


After months of prayers and reflection upon the sorrow and disappointment. I now realize why and how.


I hated that you lied about me because you stole something from me. I hated that in your lies you painted me in colorful labels and created a false realms of lies and displayed it to the entire world.


But I’ll have you know,


You stole many things sir….


You stole sales, you stole clients, you stole money out of the pockets. You stole food off the tables of the children’s’ whose single mother’s you stole sales from that would have resulted in income to support their families table.


For a position in a company! For money in your pocket! So you could continue live an extravagant lifestyle! And carry a useless promotion label.


Sir, you stole many things from many other people…But my dreams and my future are not the items you stole from me!


The only thing you ever stole from me was my respect for you, I’ll still have to admit you ran like a bandit in the night. Like the mysterious weasel you truly are.


However, after Months of reflection I now see how swept up you got. I know too what it feels like to fight for a dream and I know how easy it can be to step on people on your way up.  We are not that much different, you see I could have really been you and you could have really been me, and I cannot help but feel bad for you and I’m happy that I am here and you are there!


Life and dreams are not about how much money you make, but what you are doing with yourself to further humanity and Christianity.  What lessons are your headaches, failures and disappointments teaching you? What relationship are you building with God?


I cannot help but realize that, I had it all wrong this entire time. That money and a company position have no place in the kingdom of god and things of material possession and status have no place or meaning in the universe. That the only things you can take from this planet are those lessons. That’s literally all you can take. But you have to bestow a gift upon humanity and it’s not selling, It’s not stealing from your co-workers and it’s not lying to your clients. And most importantly, it’s not climbing your way up on the backs of your peers. It’s not!


I’m glad you are there and I am here.  Even though I still feel the repercussion of the disappointment that was caused by your slimy hands. The picture you painted of what took place was the true red riding hood tale. For you are merely a wolf in sheep packaging.


I think God placed  you strategically to stop me from being there and you here. Holy is the name of my creator, God Almighty, is so holy and I could never have seen the entire picture.  Someone was really watching out for me and holy is his name for I do not hold the future in my sight for he holds the future in his hands.


I suddenly realize that when I placed the pieces of my shattered dreams, my disappointments, and my heartache in his hands that he is creating something better for me. It’s hard to trust that the door he is preparing for me is bigger and wilder then I ever imagined, it’s hard to trust things right now since I really don’t know where I’m being pulled to. I’m merely being pulled through the current of his grace. I think you were like one of those life lessons. The true story of the wolves that try to consume you. Thank God cannibalism is dead AND our God reigns.


When news of your deception made its way back to me and you were finally exposed for who you really are, you see, I wasn’t surprised, you and I both know, that I knew the truth and you knew the truth, and you know, that I know.


When I placed the pieces of my dream, my disappointments, and my heartache in God’s hands, I think I forgave you that day. I wish I was happier to see that you were exposed but I’m not. I’m really sad for you.

The colorful labels you painted me with and the realm of lies that you created were revealed all for the world to see, for God’s light changed everything and the labels that were less then flattering on me, you now wear as badges of truth of who you really are.


The next things I am going to tell you is very important. The way I look at it is we both have time to continue to work on bestowing our gift to mankind. What you and I both have in common now is the fact that we have time. Our God is a forgiving God. Different are our paths that we are currently standing on, different will be our journey back to the Lord,  we both have a path back to him.




Protected by Grace


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